Award-Winning Marketing Firm Celebrates 30th

By CMA Posted January 1, 2017

CMA Leverages Creativity, Moxie to Overcome Recessions, Evolving Market Demands

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J.–Jan. 12, 2017–Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA), a full service, award-winning, strategic marketing and integrated communications firm, announced today it is celebrating its 30-year anniversary.

For a small business that exists in a fleeting and fragmented industry, the milestone was no easy task. Few companies survive long enough to enjoy three decades of prosperity.  Only one-third survive at least 10 years, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

CMA Award-Winning Marketing Firm Team“Recessions have come and competitors have gone, but we have relied on our core beliefs and creativity to create a leadership position in a fragmented industry,” said Jeffrey Barnhart, founder, CEO and president of CMA, which was recognized as the 2016 Outstanding Small Business of the Year by the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce. “Hard work built our name and smart work built our company.”

For 30 years, Barnhart has employed several strategies to differentiate his firm from rivals:

Full-service marketing. When competitors have cut their labor force and services, CMA continues to add new offerings to its full-service marketing firm. The corporation has grown to offer the following services: social media marketing, digital advertising, email marketing and website design.

Client-side recruitment. To deliver on its promise, the firm continues to seek experienced, creative marketing professionals who have spent most of their careers on the client side. As a result, CMA has become a full-service marketing firm that talks as much about client strategy and outcomes (e.g. sales, revenue, ROI) as outputs (e.g. press releases, events, social media posts).

Results-oriented teamwork. Since the company’s inception, CMA’s “we” mindset has produced results that include increased revenue for companies and increased membership for associations. From a brand awareness perspective, CMA’s PR team places one of its client in the news—on average—once every 12 hours.  As a result, the strategic communications group puts its clients in front of more than 26 million targeted audience members worldwide every 30 days.

Valuable core values. CMA’s senior leadership has recruited a collection of passionate, talented professionals who take responsibility for advancing their clients’ businesses. To ensure all employees fit the mold, the company has created a list of core values it believes captures the essence of its client-centric culture:

  • Passion
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Enthusiasm
  • Accountability
  • Solution-Oriented

To discover how CMA can provide your business with strategic solutions and business opportunities, visit the firm’s new website at


About Creative Marketing Alliance

Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA) is a full-service, award-winning strategic marketing and integrated communications firm that builds reputation, relationships and return on investment.  It creates and manages results-driven marketing programs using Marketecture, a strategic analysis that helps clients understand how their company can best be positioned in the marketplace.  For 30 years, CMA has provided innovative solutions, which include public relations, social media marketing, and publications along with an in-house studio for digital and creative design.  If you’re expecting results, please visit, call 800.852.4269 or email us

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