CMA specializes in creating work that is innovative, inspiring and effective. We’re focused on bringing a higher aesthetic to every type of communication—from brochures to sales presentations, promotional items and annual reports. We infuse every project with intelligent design and brilliant copywriting, to heighten the impact of your brand.

We Create Captivating Visuals Designed for Results

How you get your message in front of your target audience is key. To support your business’s or association’s marketing efforts, we’ll take your promotional materials to the next level in design, copy, style and format. Then, we’ll ensure that it can be easily printed, distributed, viewed and downloaded. From sell sheets that embrace your services, to brochures that showcase benefits and unique selling propositions—promoting your business and the advantages it carries—is essential to your growth and bottom line. Through the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces, uniquely designed to meet your needs and capture your target audience, your presence in the marketplace becomes competitive and distinct. A message in a bottle is simply that—a contained idea. Break the glass, stand out in a crowded marketplace and explode your reach, through sales kits, postcards and three-dimensional direct marketing. The rumors are true. We have our own mall—CMA Promo Mall to be exact. We leverage this go-to popular digital destination, where businesses and associations can find promotional items at discounted, wholesale rates for branded giveaways.


The job of a good brochure is to present the value of your business or association, product or service offerings—at a glance—with engaging visuals and content that mimics the personality of your brand. Whether your goal is to create original material or draw from previously developed content, CMA can refine and enhance your print or digital brochures, to better serve their purpose. We’ll consult with you about your needs, to strategically decide if print or digital makes sense for your audience. We see the big picture. Brochures are almost always part of a larger marketing effort. To yield the most consistent results, we’ll incorporate your brochure design into your overall marketing strategy. By building on your brand and recognizing the need for a streamlined look across the board, we design eye-catching brochures that reflect your brand. Our designers will produce engaging copy and compelling visuals that will take your business or association to the next level.

Sales Materials

Effectively supporting a sales staff is tough. No piece of collateral makes this more evident than the sales sheet. Impactful sales materials are part of a full-funnel solution. How do you ensure your leave-behinds aren’t discarded? You have a short amount of time to get your prospect’s attention, convey a lot of information and get him or her to act. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered with polished, professional pieces. We understand what makes potential customers tick, and we can design around your business’s or association’s real value. Let us put our best marketing-minded designers on the case to craft comprehensive sales kits and marketing materials. From sell sheets to brochures, multi-media kits and packaging, we’ll help you keep your key messages top-of-mind. We’ll also optimize your sales materials, to create excitement and interest, so that people will actually want to take a look.


Is there such a thing as perfect packaging? At CMA, we think you can get pretty close. With significant experience in building a strong brand, our team is able to quickly understand your brand vision and translate it through every touch-point. We are marketers and creators, but we’re also problem solvers with a business acumen. The moment a package lands in your customer’s hands, your brand becomes tangible. We will think out-of-the-box, in-the-box or create a new box, in order to help our clients get results. Our creative and strategic teams create category disrupting packaging, for brands who are passionate. We know that packaging is one of the most powerful tools a brand can share. Whether we’re helping to invigorate a current product or collaborating to build a new one, we’ll apply all of our design and business expertise to engineer impactful packaging.

Branded Advertising Specialties

Promotional items offer some of the best bang for your buck: maximum impressions for a minimal price. They are a way to establish rapport and increase brand exposure. People love free stuff! Key chains, magnets, pens and other useful items will leave an impression and earn repeat exposure with customers and prospects. Talk about brand ambassadors! Whether you’re looking for innovative, trendy, practical or tried-and-true products, we can get them for you at a price that’s in budget and within your time frame. To make the process even easier, we have our own mall—CMA Promo Mall, where you can purchase branded items at discounted, wholesale rates. This go-to digital destination, which offers tried and true branded items for giveaways at grand openings or trade shows, are ideal leave-behinds to elevate brand awareness. Selecting the right giveaway requires knowing your audience and prospects, in addition to selecting something unique and useful to earn exposure. CMA is here to help you get noticed!

Take your messaging off the page and into the market. Let’s work together to make a serious impact. Contact us today, to get started.

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