Even in today’s digital world, nothing beats a live meeting or conference. Eye contact, a handshake and real conversation can be hard to come by. That means every detail of your event or conference matters, more than ever. With our expertise, you’ll be the show-stopper before, during and after your event. With decades of marketing success, we’ll evaluate, strategize, write, create, and produce events and communications materials that best suit your unique programmatic elements and goals.

Create Opportunities with Memorable Experiences

An event is never just an event. There’s always a reason for it and a message behind it. At CMA, we thoughtfully assess the elements of each event, to ensure that your key message intersects each stage of your event’s lifespan. With a seasoned event management team, our experience in staging turnkey events and sales meetings for corporate clients, in addition to professional and trade associations seats us as one of the leaders in the industry. Our meeting and event planners possess decades of experience in managing every aspect of your meeting, conference or internal event. We have comprehensive expertise in the planning, budgeting, marketing and on-site management of more than 100 regional, national and worldwide events. From script writing to venue logistics and beyond, CMA is with you every step of the way to achieve seamless and impressive event execution. Want a memorable event? Check. Seeking management that relieves the burden from your shoulders? Check. Craving an event that keeps people talking for months after and achieves your results? Check mate.

Meeting Planning

Make meetings and events easier. That’s what clients ask us to do, all the time. We know that you have other business to focus on and putting on events can be a full-time job in itself. From speaker sourcing, to budgeting, to audio visual elements—a successful experience that invokes the reaction you’re hoping for requires all hands on-deck, from day one. CMA specializes in producing full-scale events—from 50 people to 5,000—that delight your audience, while staying on budget. We collaborate with clients and their vendors on programming, venue research, negotiation, food and beverage, entertainment, travel and transportation. Our team also supports registration management, special permits and scripting for your speakers. Put our decades of experience to work for you, to create unforgettable sales meetings, conferences, fundraisers and training events. From concept to completion, take-off to landing, our event management team ensures your meetings are thoroughly planned, leaving nothing to chance.

Speaker Sourcing & Program Development

Know your audience. That is the first rule of a great event. We’ll help you identify the most important voices for your audience. Properly sourcing, scouting, vetting and hiring keynote speakers is more of an art, than a science. Let us do the legwork. No matter the audience or budget, we are here to help! You’ve got a million things to do to get ready for your event. We’ll partner with you to make your conference, panel or fundraiser a whopping success. CMA will create a streamlined and engaging program and secure speakers, which will ensure that every seat is filled and that the audience is on their feet by the end of the program. We’ll help you communicate memorable key messages, through a carefully crafted program, which will guarantee that your messages are heard. Every client we work with has the nugget of a powerful story to tell. Utilizing expertise from across all of CMA’s disciplines, we will ensure that every detail is addressed and that you meet all of your objectives.

Sponsor & Exhibit Sales

Tradeshows present an enormous opportunity to build your brand through exposure, credibility and thought leadership. With more than three decades of experience evaluating and negotiating sponsorship contracts to solve clients’ challenges, we consider ourselves pros in the sponsorship marketing landscape. Our approach begins with prospecting, to capture qualified leads. During that process, we ask the right questions to assess the best prospects for your event. Our experienced sales team will launch an exhibit sales and sponsorship campaigns. In addition, they will produce a suite of promotional materials, that clearly and effectively markets your event to the suppliers and educates prospects on the benefits of sponsorship opportunities. We’ll partner with you, to develop and implement successful trade show and event marketing solutions, to drive booth traffic and leave a lasting impression with attendees. By partnering with CMA, you’ll transform your event or trade show program, and profoundly impact your bottom line.

On-Site Execution

From finding the perfect venue to owning day-of logistics, we pride ourselves in making sure your event runs seamlessly every step of the way. Whether you need the convenience of a nearby location or want an exciting destination halfway around the world, we’re ready to support you. CMA offers comprehensive services, including hotel arrival and departure, event logistics, registration resources, audio-visual production, catering, off-site activities, sponsor and exhibitor management, ground transportation support and more. Our team of event planners is well adept in event production, executive thought-leadership, speaker sourcing, agenda curation and promotion. We’ll bring your event to life. Our recipe for successful events? Seamless, behind-the-scene collaboration between our team and yours.

Conference Management

Managing venues and vendors is not typically the highlight of anyone’s job. Conferences allow your business or association to highlight important industry developments and trends, while providing attendees with tangible benefits for their investment in your business or association. When planning large-scale events, logistics and troubleshooting are often the most overlooked considerations. Unfortunately, those are exactly the things that can make or break your event. The difference between a dynamic, memorable conference and a waste of time. Whether you need to add staff to your current team or need support, in managing every detail, CMA has the know-how to keep your conference running smoothly. Important as they are, you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time stressing about all of the minor details. You have big-picture issues to manage. Our expert team at CMA will be your point-people, in planning and executing your conference. We’ll help you through every step of the process, so that your event will be everything you want it to be, and more. Careful planners—we get it right on the money. Our experienced team will be on-site to handle any unexpected turn of events, that may pop up. From concept to completion, our event management team ensures your meetings are thoroughly planned, leaving nothing to chance.

Booth Development

So, you’ve purchased your booth. Now what? From start to finish, CMA guides clients through the process of developing custom, dynamic booths and accessories that will grab the audience’s attention and build your brand. By creating interactive experiences through memorable exhibit displays, signage design, content creation and event conceptualization, we make your job easier and provide the groundwork for significant event ROI. The right booth can mean the difference between making a trade show or an event a cost-center or a revenue generator. The key is to ensure that your strategy harmonizes with your brand and the tone of the event or conference. We can help by building the framework, in which your lead generation will be based. From conception to artwork creation, to messaging and collateral development, to staff scripting and supply ordering—we’ll make the process simple, by managing every detail. It’s no secret: trade show success is measured by how much effort you put into it.

Need a detailed planner, or all-around flawless event? Our seasoned team can help. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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