Advertising Sales

Advertising isn’t just about getting in front of customers. It’s about meeting them in the right place, at the right time and with the right message. We’ll partner with you to maximize results that fit within your budget—whether its selling advertising space in your print or digital publication or placing advertisements where your business or association will be seen.

The CMA Difference is in the Relationships

Is your current advertising program underperforming? Do you need a fresh and effective program? You may have underutilized advertising space, unsold placements in existing publications, or undiscovered digital and print sources waiting to be monetized. At CMA, we achieve explosive growth through advertising. Our dedicated sales team collaborates with clients, to help them reach their revenue and profitability goals. Conducting industry outreach, building personal relationships and substantiating the value and ROI of an advertising program, are all specialties that benefit our clients. Whether you need to create a program in print publications, or execute digital or email campaigns, we align with you to establish long-term advertising and marketing partnerships. The CMA difference is relationships. We know that our clients need personal, detail-oriented and hands-on attention, to build their best brands. We are your partner—working hard to provide that every day—all while gaining trust and proving value along the way.

Advertising Sales

We are your partner. Whether you want to sell advertising space in your print or digital publication, place a one-time advertisement or launch an advertising campaign to promote your business or association. Our experts will develop targeted tactics for your organization’s advertising strategy, by evaluating your resources, goals and needs. We’ll help you identify opportunities, in the marketplace, by analyzing the competition and optimizing your existing digital or print sales to generate revenue with new platforms. Our team specializes in extending the revenue and reach of your advertising products, with end-to-end management. We’ll employ tactics to assist your sales outreach, in addition to boosting your visibility with strategic advertising sales, support and consulting. We’ll also channel our creativity and experience to tell, sell and compel, across every platform necessary. With our long-running media relationships, you can rely on our experts to create top-notch designs, media strategies and everything you need for successful advertising—all under one roof.

Promotion/Media Kit Creation
and Reporting and Invoicing

We’ve got everything you need to sell advertising space in your print or digital publication—from creating media kits, to promotion—our team does it all. They’ll identify and refine your target audience, in addition to recommending opportunities for your brand, by reviewing your circulation, metrics and advertising products. Based on our research, we’ll suggest and implement changes to advertising units, pricing, design, content, circulation and frequency. We’ll even handle the collection of advertising creative. CMA identifies new opportunities and marketing tactics every day. We love it! As your advertising experts, we’ll improve your existing advertising sales and develop new products and packages to improve your ROI. We have the expertise, drive and determination to build, fine-tune and service your advertising program. By monitoring and reporting on your campaigns’ analytics and performance, we will react quickly and make adjustments to optimize your success. Let us handle the details. Sales summaries, invoicing and billing for advertisers are all part of our day-to-day advertising management.

Our experienced team will partner with you to maximize results. Contact us today to chat.

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