People are more likely to hold onto attractive, professionally designed newsletters, magazines, brochures and annual reports—so create something your leads will keep and remember. Creating high-quality marketing collateral that makes a statement takes work. We’ll consult with you about your needs to strategically decide if a print or digital publication is the best fit for your audience.

Put a Publication Powerhouse in Your Corner

As your in-house publication powerhouse, CMA does everything from design and advertising sales, to topic sourcing, layout and print management. We’ve taken brands, exploded their potential and increased their design value to engage a larger, more keen audience. With a full range of custom publishing services, our clients count on CMA to deliver information, increase sales and minimize publishing costs. What makes our team so dynamic and successful, in supporting and advancing your publication initiatives? Our team of former journalists, news editors and creative copywriters build the foundation of each issue, while outlining and fabricating attractive pages, that look better with every turn. Our teams craft content across the entire publication spectrum—from full-scale magazines, to annual reports, to internal newsletters—our expert designers, copywriters and producers collaborate directly with clients to make your vision a reality.

Print Magazines

CMA offers state-of-the-art technology, which is run by brilliant minds to develop and produce dynamic magazines and published content. Our expertise offers clients the attention-grabbing material they need, with a quick turn-around, while keeping budget in mind. From conception to completion, we can help with all stages of the publishing process. All while having fun doing it! Whether you plan to write some or all of your content, we can help you make it shine. We’ll collaborate with you, to produce high-quality work that achieves your content strategy goals. Magazines are critical to many businesses and associations because they deliver relevant information in a user-friendly format, with a long shelf life. In an increasingly digital world, magazines remain one of the most effective, tangible sources of information that consumers can access. When they are custom-designed to be beautiful and rich in content, they can meet a variety of goals.

Newsletters (Print and Digital)

A newsletter—print or digital—is one of the most important engagement tools in a business’s or association’s arsenal. Far too often, businesses and associations treat them as an afterthought—a quick e-blast requiring little consideration or substance. Don’t overlook the power of a strong newsletter strategy. Before launching a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter, we’ll help you define your goals to maximize success and ROI. Designed to reach a wide audience, newsletters serve as an ideal channel to reach your target audience. However, what impact, exactly, are they supposed to have? You often can get great benefits by simply sharing interesting content from your industry, the media or leaders in your field. We’ll help you discover, curate and distribute the best content out there. When done well, this tactic will help you build relationships and establish your own authority. To improve open rates, our team reviews key data, including bounces and unsubscribes. We leverage metrics, to maximize click rates and drive strategic decisions, for future pieces. Not only will we design a custom newsletter, with compelling copy that is optimized for attractiveness, but all printing is done in-house. We create newsletters that get read.

Digital Publications

Put your paper in pixels. Never before has it been so simple to communicate content across a broad spectrum. We’ll help you pinpoint where you can provide high-value content and make it great. Digital content integrates seamlessly with your website and social channels to create more opportunities for engaging with your audience. More and more, readers expect to be able to access their reading material online. It’s an organic form of research and entertainment, that provides value for those consuming your content. Making it easy for your audience to find digital content enriches your brand experience, while providing opportunities for advertisers to increase your income. Items like news briefs, buyer guides and member information provide businesses and associations a way to make connections, share information about an industry or group and create steady streams of advertising revenue. We use the latest technology and handle every aspect of production—from custom creative to engaging copy. Our editors, copywriters, designers and website experts collaborate to produce impactful publications that bring your vision to life.

Looking to take your publications to the next level? We can guide you. Contact us to start the conversation.

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