If you’re looking to strengthen or build your brand, we can help you realize your potential. We take a highly collaborative approach to crafting authentic brand stories, while developing creative concepts and overarching campaigns for your target audience. Our brand strategy will set the foundation and our designers will bring your brand to life.

Powering your Brand. Driving Demand.

Your strategic position is crucial, whether you are nurturing customer loyalty, prying market share from competitors, breaking into new markets or growing your membership. CMA’s brand strategy and development transform strategic objectives into targeted, clutter-busting marketing solutions. From initial concept, to the last detail of execution, our programs leave a lasting impression. Our marketing team crafts benefit-driven branding that identifies—in a memorable and credible way—your product or service, as the best solution for your target audience’s buying hot buttons. From discovering the backbone of who you are, crafting messaging and positioning around that very sentiment, and packaging it for the masses. CMA’s competitive know-how for strategic brand strategy is what produces results. A brand identity that sets your business or association apart is a marketplace imperative, which reaps many rewards—greater visibility, better margins, increased sales, and a bolder brand, in addition to business development and membership growth momentum.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Your brand is the way you want the world to perceive you. It tells your story and can be your most valuable asset. Our team will bring your brand to life. Our designers work closely with our team of seasoned strategists, to create compelling visuals and an eye-catching logo design using the latest trends, relevant taglines and so much more. From crafting brand and visual guidelines, to imagery and brand story development, to creative team brainstorm sessions for naming a new company or product line—we do it all. Our team takes on the full brand picture, looking at trends and ensuring long-term stability. We are a passionate group of thinkers, designers and branding enthusiasts, who want you to question what you know and make daring decisions. Let us help you break out of the mold and create a memorable brand that will support your growth.


How will customers know you, if you don’t know yourself? Sharing your story with the world is a critical component of marketing. First, you must know your own story. Messaging communicates the underlying value proposition and helps buyers relate to your brand by inspiring, persuading and motivating them to action. Having the right brand messaging that is compelling, tells your story and resonates with key audiences, is essential in today’s cluttered communications environment. We’ll guide you through the development process and help you define your messaging, align brand strategy with objectives, and share brand elements to maximize value. We take positioning, brand pillars, value proposition, audience and tone into consideration. Together, these elements create a full brand messaging framework, which can guide your marketing across every piece of content and every channel. Everything you create, for both internal and external communications, should map back to your brand messaging. From start-ups to established brands to nonprofits, CMA has developed the core brand messaging that sets them apart from the competition.

Corporate Identity

Your identity is more than the way your brand is visually represented through the logo, stationery, brochures, direct mail, website and social media. It showcases who you are as a brand. Understanding how your business or association is seen by the outside world is the first step in enhancing your identity. A consistent brand identity builds customer loyalty, influences purchasing decisions and creates a niche so your business or association will stand out from its competition. As part of the process, we’ll create a style and usage guide that shows how all key elements should be implemented. This will ensure that your brand identity is unified and that the look and feel is consistent across all mediums. Let our team create a strong strategy, to establish a solid presence for your business or association in the marketplace. An investment in building or updating your identity will develop trust, a sense of value and a lasting connection with your customer base. CMA’s team of seasoned professionals will lead you in fixing what isn’t working and developing a holistic identity with intentionality and focus to reinforce brand recognition.


Positioning your brand in the mind of your customers means more than just creating a tagline or fancy logo, brand positioning is the strategy used to set your business or association apart from the rest. It defines where you fit into the marketplace and guides your internal and external messaging. Many times, businesses and associations have a hard time being objective. That’s when a trusted partner like CMA can be crucial. We’ll conduct a competitive market analysis, through our proprietary discovery process, Marketecture™ and build on your unique selling propositions to fine-tune your positioning statement. Our team of seasoned experts will identify gaps that can be filled, and new business and members that can be won. Together, we’ll create key components and relevant brand messaging that will drive every decision going forward. Most importantly, we’ll help you find a home in your target customer’s mind through proper brand positioning. CMA does this by creating something memorable, desirable and unique to the marketplace.

Looking for a partner to help craft your brand? Not sure how to start telling your story? Contact us today to start building something together.

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