We deliver powerful messages, straight to the source. Knowing where, when and how to reach your audience is the key to obtaining a good ROI on your advertising strategy. We’ll research and develop a media placement plan, to fit your business’s or association’s needs and save you from unnecessary and wasteful spending.

Out of the Box and On the Mark

CMA advertising is on the mark, not off-the-wall or off-the-shelf, because our strategic process drives creative development. Our award-winning design team advances your marketing mission, messages and brand, with dynamic and relevant design concepts that resonate with your customers. With an in-house design studio, offering an endless bank of ideas, we have the capability to make marketing communications impactful and memorable, with creative concepts that stop the eye and drive key messages. Design transforms strategic direction, into visually appealing and targeted communications, that command attention, arouse interest, and are powered by content to motivate action. The media is a long list of “Who’s Who?” That’s why CMA’s relationship with the media is critical to the success of strategic media planning and buying. With more than three decades of powerful connections, our clients directly benefit from our buying power. By combining print, digital, broadcast, direct mail and other lead-generation efforts, we’ll saturate your audience with your message.

Print Advertising

We still see the value in print advertising. It creates brand awareness and drives consumers to action. A time-honored type of traditional marketing, print advertising, is a mainstay of many marketing plans. It complements digital strategy, by driving your target audience to online initiatives and advancing your marketing goals. Still a crucial part of today’s integrated marketing campaigns, print advertising cuts through the digital clutter. Our design services include a wide range of mediums, while our advertising specialists can identify the best tactics and placements based on your target audience and budget. Print advertisements will deliver tangible results by employing clever copywriting, dynamic design, tight typography and compelling calls-to-action. Magazine and newspaper advertisements, and even trade show publications, can familiarize your target audience with your offerings and boost your brand—making your online advertisements even more effective. CMA will add flair and bring your brand to life.

Digital Advertising

Advertising has evolved. No longer is it restricted to print publications, static billboards, radio and television. Modern technology has opened the door to a whole new era of digital advertising. There are endless opportunities to engage your audience across channels. Buying advertising space on websites, search engines and social media platforms helps you easily reach a highly targeted audience. Customized advertisements, tailored to fit your marketing objectives, move people through the customer journey—from brand awareness to satisfied customers. Our team of expert marketers knows how to reach and appeal to your target audiences, in new ways and with more precision. With more than three million people online each day, digital advertising is one of the best ways to get your message to paying customers. Simply put, if you’re not investing in a digital advertising strategy, you’re missing opportunities to reach thousands of potential customers. Done well, digital advertising campaigns drive engagement, conversions, traffic and revenue.

Outdoor Advertising

We talk a lot about digital being the future, but traditional mediums still hold a lot of weight. One thing that has changed, though, is how much people are on the go. How do you capture the attention of our ever-moving society? Meet them where they are with outdoor advertising! Think subways, buses, airports—anywhere people are we can campaign your story. We’ll select key locations including transit advertising and wraps, street furniture, and point of sale displays. Then, we’ll negotiate rates and create designs and copy, that will stop people in their tracks. With our extensive experience in negotiating and placing outdoor media, we know how to make it work for your business or association. An outdoor advertisement can be a valuable tool for branding, promoting a product or event, or introducing a new retail location. We sing its praises to our clients, and they become converts. Why? It presents the perfect balance of effectiveness and efficiency. When deployed correctly and with the right thinking, outdoor advertising can become a game changer.

Broadcast Advertising

TV advertising offers some of the best brand awareness and exposure for your business or association. With regional broadcast advertising, as well as cable advertising, we can establish your target demographic and build a media plan that will sell your business or association to that group. We’ll devise media plans, based on your audience’s viewing habits and multi-screen existence. Radio is still very much alive and offers unique advantages over other media placements. Our seasoned team understands the power of radio and uses it to build brand awareness through calls-to- action, to promote events, as well as unique informational or educational segments. It is one of the few advertising mediums that include a built-in, loyal audience. Your campaign can be tailored to specific times of the day, to ensure you’re hitting your desired audience, at the exact right time. Let us do the work—we’ll analyze data and ratings, to place your message where it will make the most impact. We have the experience to help brand your business or association, using targeted television or radio advertising, that generates high-quality and measurable results.

Direct Mail

Create leads. Close sales. Grow membership. Direct mail is still relevant and effective, but you need a strategic, performance-driven program to realize ROI. At CMA, we’re all about the ROI. We bring together award-winning designers, with savvy marketing minds, to develop thoughtful and cost-effective programs that cut through the clutter and reach your target audience. We’ll create memorable key messages, which are market-driven and diligently executed to ensure your message gets delivered to customers, who are primed to respond. From design to a mailing strategy, we’ve worked with clients—big and small, across numerous industries—to add direct mail to their marketing mix. Using direct mail to target audiences with brochures, catalogs, postcards and letters, is a highly effective way to reach your customers. We can assist in building your mailing list and leveraging variable data printing, to appeal to the recipient by name.

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