Public Relations

Public relations is the backbone of every successful integrated marketing communications campaign. Our team can help you tell the stories, at the heart of what you do. We strategically craft and place newsworthy material, across relevant traditional and digital media outlets, to impact your target audience and move them to action. Our clients trust us with their stories—and we take that seriously.

Reputation, Relationships and Results

As public relations experts, we take pride in establishing our clients as market leaders. By integrating traditional public relations with digital media, we’ll make sure your story gets told. Public relations is a strategic tool that leverages relationships to build brands, so they stand out among the competition in a crowded marketplace. Our formula is simple: reputation, relationships and results. The better the reputation we create for your business or association, the more relationships you will build. More relationships yield more results.

What’s the secret ingredient that sets our public relations team apart from the rest? In addition to top public relations and content marketing specialists in the industry, we hire former newsroom journalists and editors to create and tailor your unique public relations campaign. Who knows the news cycle and understands how the media works better, than former journalists with 10+ years of experience?

We get results. You’ll see one of our clients in the news—on average—every four hours, including nights, weekends and holidays. Let us help you leverage the power of a solid public relations strategy, coupled with compelling content.

Content Marketing

You need to create and distribute content that people will actively seek out, eagerly consume and happily share, to grow and maintain your audience. Great content begins with creating memorable key messages and connecting your value proposition to your target audience’s needs. Digital media and social media have made content central to public relations. Passing a press release off to the newswires is no longer going to cut it. The game has changed, and the stakes are higher than ever. Savvy businesses are relying on professional content creators, to develop engaging pieces that tell their story in a way that’s relevant to their audience and captures attention. CMA has that expertise. We partner with businesses and associations to add the human touch and personalize content, which is the next evolution of marketing. We create high-performing content—blogs, case studies, infographics, white papers, press releases and more—that generate excitement and interest. The game might have changed, but the fundamentals are the same: understand your target audience, generate compelling content that speaks to them and distribute it through the right channels, at the right time. That’s what we practice, every day.

Media Relations

The world of public relations has changed. Customers are more discerning than ever and securing traditional media coverage is more complex. CMA is on the leading edge of today’s public relations. We research, analyze and execute a targeted media relations campaign, specifically designed to address a business’s or association’s needs. Through focused outreach, we have continued success securing top media coverage. A critical component of any public relations strategy is frequently working with the media. It’s not just what you know, but who you know. We combine expert media relations, with new approaches, to engage your audience with the right message every time. We’ll get your story told, by putting you in touch with the right people, at the right time.

Telling your story in-person is sometimes necessary to make the right impact. Whether you need help coordinating press events or securing speaking opportunities to establish your executives as industry leaders, we know how to position your experts and actively seek out opportunities to turn your business or association into a trusted resource.

Through a holistic approach, we choose strategic media vehicles, analyze ratings, data and trends, in addition to managing your budget. You’ll gain targeted leads, increase traffic, fill your sales funnel and build a strong brand, by using a mix of traditional and digital media. Our team takes the guesswork out of the process and delivers real ROI.


There’s a beautiful world out there called blogging! It’s speed for your brand, fuel for your social media content, recognition and movement for the search engines, and resonance and authority for customers. It’s shareable, clickable and digestible content aimed to educate, inform and entertain your audience. Blogging is often overlooked, as an influential marketing tool. However, it’s one of the quickest ways to establish your brand. Creating high-quality content takes work. The good news is that you can repurpose blogs to expand your reach to a wider audience, increase your online presence and diversify your content—all while saving time and money. A well-managed blog, that’s consistently updated with interesting content, will improve your website’s SEO, drive website traffic through inbound links and enforce your brand as an expert. We are storytellers. In a world of information overload and overstimulation, we know how to capture a reader, cut through the clutter and deliver your messages in a memorable way. By taking the time to learn about you and your work, we can write authentically in your voice to get results.

Crisis Communications & Online Reputation Management

Is your brand’s reputation under attack? Do you need to prepare for any number of possible crises that could hit at any time? Crises are a reality in today’s world. You must anticipate and prepare for one. Experience is key. We’ve handled a spectrum of crises and know that when one hits, minutes are money. Today’s instant news cycle, propelled by social media, means that a swift and solid response is more critical than ever before. In today’s digital age, online chatter can dramatically affect online reputation—which is why online reputation management is so important. In addition to building customer loyalty, a positive online reputation can position your business or association as an industry leader. Conversely, if your online brand is not effectively managed it could cause damage. Before the Internet, reputation was largely based on word of mouth. These days, discussions develop online. Your business or association needs to be part of that chatter or it will be left behind.

Your reputation is among your most valued assets, but it only takes one negative news story to lose the positive reputation that you’ve spent years building. When your business or association suffers a crisis, it’s critical to get ahead of the story quickly, especially when it ignites on social media. Our public relations team understands how to get to the heart of the crisis, to keep your reputation sound and minimize the damage.

Influencer Marketing

There are many reasons why businesses or associations should add influencer marketing to the mix, including improved credibility, in addition to increased sales or members. Influencers have been a part of the marketing and branding game for decades. In the past, they were almost always celebrities, sports stars, models or well-known actors. That’s not the case now. Everyday people are up-and-coming influencers. They’ve built a large following, with high engagement, between their niche industry and their followers. They can support your marketing efforts through social media, guest blogs, video and other content, as well as sponsored reviews of a product. Leveraging networks of influencers in your industry is a fast track to greater brand awareness and credibility. We’ll connect you with the biggest and most prominent influencers, to get your stories told. At CMA, we can help you identify and cultivate relationships with influencers, who fit with your brand and can drive awareness of your mission.

Contact us today, to start creating your positive reputation and building relationships, which will yield results.

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