Social Media

Social media is a conversation. We lead that conversation by creating content that sparks a reaction and steers target audiences toward action. At CMA, we use social media to promote your brand and stay top-of-mind. Our experts specialize in creating a social media strategy to help you grow customers and chart your course.

Social Media is Today’s Word of Mouth

Word of mouth has always played a big role in building brands. Although, today it goes by a different name—social media. Socializing online already has changed the buying cycle. Did you know that prospects have made up 90 percent of their mind before they even reach out to your team? Conversations, however, are still happening. They are unfolding online. Is your brand a part of the conversation? Here’s our party trick: CMA doesn’t actually practice “social media.” Our clients expect return-on-investment, so we practice “social media marketing.” Semantics? Oh, no. Due diligence is the difference. The goal is to use social media tools, in a way that consistently dovetails and complements all other communication tactics and messaging, on an ongoing basis. From an ROI, bottom-line perspective, social media marketing is an effective way to stay top-of-mind, soften the buy cycle through improved reputation and build new and existing relationships. With social media marketing, it’s a slow game of acquiring the kind of followers who are going to be loyal and engaged.

Content Creation

An important component to successful social media is the content. At CMA, we’ll help you generate personalized content that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience—from videos and memes, to news stories and blog articles. We’ll get the word out, strategically promote it and keep the conversation going. Many businesses and associations don’t understand the importance of curated content, especially for social media. Even if they do, they might not have the bandwidth or expertise to create a stable of blogs, images, graphics and videos. This is where we come in. Our content marketing team knows how to attract eyeballs, to your brand, by creating compelling and searchable content that will lead to higher traffic and boost engagement. Through tactics aligned with your goals, we develop relevant campaigns, seed and distribute strategic content, as well as measure and report on results to ensure each marketing touch is effective. We can help you tell your story online in ways that get seen, shared, liked, hearted, pinned, snapped and clicked. Most importantly, we generate content that moves your target audience to action.

Influencer Marketing

Let’s face it, people trust what other people have to say. That’s why adding influencer marketing to the mix is a powerful and effective strategy—giving businesses and associations an opportunity to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers. It takes more than a tweet to build a loyal and engaged customer or member base. In the world of social media, knowledge is power. We’ll identify which platforms your audience lives on and use industry-specific media databases to identify third-parties—bloggers, companies, nonprofits, chambers of commerce and associations, who will help amplify your brand. By partnering with experts and industry leaders, to serve as ambassadors for your brand, we’ll ensure your message is delivered in an organic way through a content-driven marketing campaign. Building your brand, with the right advocate and avenue, will foster relationships with your customers and increase brand awareness. We take a strategic approach to creating a strategy that fosters loyalty and long-term engagement, by using social media to build relationships with your customer or member base.

Strategy & Social Listening

Today, word-of-mouth is called social media. Conversations are taking place in a space that will directly and indirectly impact your brand. As social algorithms continue to change at a rapid pace, simply boosting Facebook posts won’t cut it anymore. Our social media specialists are experts at designing strategies to expand your brand. A successful strategy is built around reaching the right people, at the best time, with the most insightful content. From creating targeted content and advertising campaigns to reach specific demographics—to creating a social media video that will sway minds—our team does it all. Anyone can take a few minutes to post on social media, but we do a lot more than that. Our social media team has a thorough understanding of the different platforms and how they relate to your business’s and association’s unique strategy. We go beyond simply monitoring and replying to comments. We’ll extract key insights from social conversations that CMA can use to refine your overall strategy. We’ll improve your marketing strategy, by uncovering trends and actionable insight from social data.

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