Construction Industry Marketing: 11 Ways to Build a Better Brand

January 31, 2024 by Christian Amato

Construction Industry Marketing: 11 Ways to Build a Better Brand

Establishing a robust brand presence is crucial for success in construction. With the rise of digital media to complement traditional media and advertorial efforts, construction companies now have an array of channels to engage existing customers better and reach new ones.

Utilizing these channels to build a better brand, CMA has achieved results since the firm’s founding in 1987. It has delivered marketing services to leading construction companies, empowering us to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of this market sector.

Through more than three decades, we discovered that construction clients like electric construction equipment manufacturer HEVI are looking to solve consistent industry problems such as needing a better look, better UI/UX, and more industry-focused content for SEO. In essence, they needed to expand their brand.

Uncover the ways CMA’s construction industry clients have utilized the 11 solutions listed below to improve their marketing campaign and build a brand that better reflects their core competencies.


Develop a User-Friendly Website

Your sales team can’t work 24/7, but your website can. It’s your company’s perpetual display window around the clock.

In today’s digital landscape, a professional, user-friendly website is indispensable, often the first point of contact with potential clients. According to a Stanford study, 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on its website and logo design. That’s why it’s imperative for a construction company’s website to not only present its services, portfolio, and contact information clearly but also to be mobile-optimized and visually appealing with compelling imagery and strong copywriting.


Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A report from the Search Engine Journal says that 93% of all online experiences, regardless of sector, begin with a search engine. That stat alone explains why search engine optimization (SEO) is so essential for construction companies to boost their online visibility and Google search rankings.

Implementing effective SEO strategies, such as using industry-relevant keywords, optimizing site speed and creating high-quality content, are all proven tactics for increasing organic traffic, making it easier for potential clients to find and engage with the company’s website.

Furthermore, regularly updating the website with fresh, relevant content and imagery keeps the site dynamic and signals to search engines that the website is a current and valuable resource.


Create Engaging Content

Incorporating content marketing as part of your construction marketing strategy is essential for business growth. It is a dynamic platform to showcase expertise and engage with your audience.

You can position your company as an industry authority by consistently sharing informative blog posts, case studies, videos and infographics about current industry trends and best construction techniques. Good, original content, supported by backlinks, educates your audience and further strengthens your credibility with your audience. It also helps do something important: It increases online traffic and customer engagement with potential leads via better-performing SEO.


Use Social Media Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool for building brand awareness and customer engagement. According to a report by the Construction Marketing Association, nearly all construction professionals use social media for their marketing purposes.

Regularly sharing updates on key projects, offering behind-the-scenes looks at your worksites and your team, and presenting facts and tidbits about your sector can help build a robust community connected to the brand. Platforms like LinkedIn are particularly effective for B2B engagement. Instagram and Facebook cater well to visual storytelling and broader audience reach.


Utilize Paid Advertising

To increase lead generation, your brand awareness strategy should include paid online advertising, such as Google Ads and social media ads, which Forbes says can increase brand awareness by up to 80%.

These advertising tools provide advanced targeting options, such as demographics, interests, and behavior, enabling construction businesses to effectively reach and engage with potential clients.

Social media and Google ads effectively generated additional leads for HEVI. This was achieved by directing targeted audiences to specially crafted landing pages tailored to each audience segment’s specific characteristics and preferences.


Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a top tool to grow your business. Data from HubSpot shows that email generates $42 for every $1 spent, making it one of the highest ROI marketing strategies.

Regular newsletters and updates sent to collected email addresses ensure companies stay top-of-mind with their clients. Targeted email marketing also allows for customized content that resonates with customer segments, enhancing engagement and strengthening relationships.


Collaborate with Industry Influencers

Influencer Marketing Hub reports that businesses make $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. That’s a significant return on investment that construction firms cannot ignore.

For construction companies, influencer marketing is about reaching out and tapping into the trust and following of major industry influencers on social media and other digital platforms—leaders like Aaron Witt, Kyle Stumpenhorst and Matt Panella, according to Construction Dive, among others. Imagine how it’ll look when one of these leading construction influencers mentions your services in a video, podcast or article. You’ll look that much better. So will your leads funnel.


Foster Media Relations

Media relations in the construction industry can uniquely leverage impartial news outlets to position your company as an industry leader, an advantage not attainable with paid advertising. This type of endorsement, while subtle, often carries significantly more weight and credibility with current and potential clients than company-driven advertising messages.

For example, consider HEVI. Their Power & Motion magazine feature included a subhead highlighting their innovation: “Building machines from the ground up enabled one heavy equipment manufacturer to ensure optimized designs for both electrification and market requirements.” This long-form media coverage showcased the company’s expertise and lent an air of authority and industry leadership that traditional advertising cannot match.


Capitalize on Customer Testimonials

By showcasing customer testimonials on your websites, social media platforms and other peer review sites, your construction business can substantially boost its credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

And the recommendations don’t have to come from trusted friends or colleagues.

Nielsen research shows that over 70% of potential customers trust reviews from people outside their immediate network, significantly enhancing your company’s reputation and broadening its appeal.


Host Webinars

Considering that 73% of B2B industrial marketers rate webinars as the top method for generating high-quality leads, as per a Webinar Marketing Council report, it’s a strategy construction companies looking to expand their brand should not overlook.

Focus your webinar topics on areas where your company excels. Potential customers are joining these sessions with a specific intent – they’re looking to gain knowledge, yes, but also to explore solutions you specialize in. While education is the initial draw, your expertise and offerings in these specialized areas will engage and attract them to future opportunities.


Participate in Industry Events

Having a physical presence at industry events, such as trade shows and conferences, is vital in networking and enhancing brand visibility for construction companies.

These gatherings offer prime opportunities for direct engagement with potential clients and industry partners, allowing companies to showcase their services, expertise and latest innovations. HEVI knows this well. They increased their website and media relations efforts ahead of attending UTCA, one of the leading construction equipment shows in New Jersey—an effort that garnered headlines in trade media outlets, including Construction Equipment Guide.

At CMA, our digital expertise is at your service. Reach out to us now for innovative strategies to scale your construction business and boost your brand’s impact.

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