Whether you’re just starting out, evolving, or managing your brand or need help growing your business or association, our strategists offer expertise in every area. At CMA, we know that strategic marketing is so much more than identifying your audience and marketing to them. We use data to drive decisions and ensure each thing you do for your audience is better than the last. From analysis to execution, we’ll captain your campaign to greatness.

Successful Results Require a Strong Strategy

Our expertise derives from more than 30 years of communications, marketing and association management experience. Our talented team of designers, writers and strategists delivers work that produces for you—because that’s what we love to do. We specialize in helping businesses and associations achieve influence by aligning strategy, design and technology through targeted communications. We create campaigns from the ground up, that are designed to be shared and resonate in our connected culture. At CMA, we believe that strategy is only as strong as the output it creates. Also, that successful communication is at the intersection of the right idea, message and design. We are constantly evolving our offerings, to meet the needs of our clients and the customer. Making things happen not only is a part of our culture, as a company, it’s part of our nature as people.


Every business needs marketing, but not every business is able to staff a full-time creative team. At CMA, we are strategic experts who consult with you. Our approach is based on multi-functional teams, collaborating. Your business or association will benefit from the expertise of a dedicated account manager, who will equip you with the tools, data-driven research and a marketing plan to achieve success. Using analytics and a team of experts, we delve deep into the workings of your business or association. We are consultants, guides and partners. Whether we serve as your strategic marketing arm or an extension of your in-house marketing department, our creative teams love a challenge. We’ll help you create a marketing plan and develop a marketing budget to drive growth. Additionally, we’ll suggest a time-frame for reaching your marketing goals. Wherever you’re going—whether your goal is to transform, expand or find new markets or members—we provide a strategy to get you there. All while sharing ideas and excitement along the way.


We don’t believe in “winging it.” That wastes your time and money. Through our proprietary discovery process, Marketecture™, we engage in a strategic analysis that helps clients understand how their company can be prominently positioned in the marketplace. It is our best kept secret, as well as the secret to your success. We’ll work with you to analyze your customers’ pain points and buying motivations, your competitive challenges, and the marketplace forces impacting your business or association. CMA then orchestrates Marketecture insights into differentiated positioning and compelling sales messages. Ultimately, CMA will execute a game plan of creative communications tactics that evangelize your brand and power your competitive edge. We’ll turn your marketing strategy into a data-driven ROI engine. From discovering the backbone of who you are, crafting messaging and positioning around that very sentiment, and packaging it for the masses—CMA’s competitive know-how for strategic brand strategy is what creates results. Together, we’ll develop key components and relevant messaging that will drive every brand decision. We’ll prepare you with a plan that can flex with changing economic and geopolitical influences. We won’t just ask you to look at your market differently. CMA will help you look at your brand differently.

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