** File size is limited to 25 MB!** Note: If you are sending more than one file for your job, please use ZIP or StuffIt to combine and compress the files. This will make the transfer faster and keep your files together.

If you don't see a confirmation message that indicates your upload was a success please check that the file is not too large and it is the proper file type.

Fill in the form below with your name, phone, email and other information accurately so that we can contact you about your file. In the comments section, please enter any special instructions.

Now specify the file containing your print job. Please combine and compress the file(s) using ZIP or StuffIt before sending. Press the "Browse" button below to look for the file on your computer. If you don't see a "Browse" button, you are probably not using a compatible web browser and this won't work.

In order to properly view and/or output your files, we need the following elements included: The document itself (we can accept high resolution PDF, InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint. Graphic files should be EPS, TIF, JPG or PSD files.)

The fonts which you have used to create your document (please include the screen font and the printer font) Any graphic files used in your document A PDF file showing the final version of your document. This allows us to proof your file to make sure it is how you intend.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, zip, pdf, eps, psd, indd.