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Manufacturer Leads Industry with Suite of Custom Apps


With apps becoming more prevalent and expected by consumers, smartphones are serving as the “remote control of life.” Rogers High Fidelity, a manufacturer of high-end audio amplifiers, hired CMA’s newly acquired web and mobile app division to create a suite of iPhone/iPad compatible apps for its Bluetooth-enabled line of amps.


Beginning in 2016, CMA began building an app that would accompany the product launch of the 34S-1 integrated amplifier, providing an added benefit to customers—one that the competition was lacking. Following the successful launch of the app, Rogers hired CMA to develop three additional apps for three new amps—the High Fidelity KWM-88 CORONA integrated amp and 65V-1 and 65V integrated amps. Each of the four apps function similarly, but bring a unique set of controllable values to Rogers’ product line.

As experts with hardware and software specifications of Bluetooth 4.0 LTE, CMA used a Bluetooth hardware developer kit to mimic the software running on the amplifiers. This allowed CMA to thoroughly test and perfect the app throughout the six-month development process.

Typically, app development takes a few weeks to one year to complete—depending on the complexity and functionality of the design. Since users of Rogers’ apps would likely be accessing multiple apps while running one of Rogers’ apps, they were carefully tested for several months to ensure a seamless user experience—one that could fully support multitasking on iOS/iPadOS. The intricate UI design process ensured that the apps could scale to various screen sizes, as well as rotated in any direction.

Once the interface was complete and the Bluetooth connectivity was flawless, CMA’s engineers launched the apps and submitted the application through the app store review process.


For Rogers, launching the apps created a unique selling point—tapping into what customers wanted, which gave the company a unique lead in the industry. CMA received the 2019 Silver ASTRA Award from The New Jersey Communications Advertising and Marketing Association for the design of the iPhone/iPad controller app for the High Fidelity KWM-88 CORONA integrated amp.

  • 4 Apps launched
  • 200+ app downloads
  • 2019 Silver Astra Award Winner


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CMA won a silver award for the Rogers High Fidelity Mobile App

  • “None of our competitors had Bluetooth, app-enabled devices when we launched our first app, and to this day none of them offer a similar solution. We are way ahead of the competition thanks to CMA.”

    Roger Gibboni Founder of Rogers High Fidelity

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