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CMA Reverses Membership Decline with Newsworthy Advocacy


The New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA) is a nonprofit association representing 110,000 registered nurses. NJSNA is also an accreditation organization for continuing nursing education. The association engaged Creative Marketing Alliance to build its brand by improving the perception of its value proposition and support membership growth after five consecutive years of declines.


CMA launched complementary campaigns, including traditional news outlets and the trade group’s social media channels, to tell its advocacy story. NJSNA was positioned as the “defender” of the nursing profession, which includes more than 110,000 registered nurses in the Garden State.

CMA also created an email newsletter, NJSNA Nurses Weekly, to extend its brand awareness to nurses who were not current members, as well as nurturing their relationships with existing members. The trade group published several provocative press release campaigns that pushed the public discussion about healthcare, benefiting from several key speaking engagements.

NJSNA received 6.6 million total impressions and 102 media placements to build its reputation and relationships.


  • A 446% Marketing ROI
  • A 96% Membership Increase
  • American Journal of Nursing
  • Becker’s Hospital Review
  • American Nurse Today
  • NJ 1015
  • NJTV


Solutions provided

Public Relations (Media Relations, Speakers Bureau)
Social Media
Email Marketing


CMA won 6 awards for media relations, social media strategy, and email newsletters:

  • Pyramid Award (PRSA-NJ)
  • Gold, two Silver Awards (NJ Ad Club)
  • Gold Award (Association Trends)
  • Silver Award (NJ CAMA)

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