Learning Continues Outside the Classroom for CMA Interns

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J.—Nov. 14, 2016—While some interns may sit tucked away in lonely offices, Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA)’s public relations and marketing interns got front-row seats to all of the exciting work going on at the award-winning strategic marketing and integrated communications firm.

CMA Interns Casey Parrett, Samantha Collar and Jordannah Schreiber share a moment during a CMA luncheon.

CMA Interns Casey Parrett, Samantha Collar and Jordannah Schreiber share a moment during a CMA luncheon.

Samantha Collura, Sydney Matuszewski and Jordannah Schreiber joined the marketing team, while Casey Parrett joined the public relations team. Each of these interns had the opportunity to work directly with members of the CMA staff.

“I helped with promotion for an association conference in Hawaii by assisting in the development and writing of the content for 13 different email promotions and I helped create the character of Luau Lady, who is featured in the emails promoting the conference,” said Schreiber, who also wrote and edited blogs. “Luau Lady is a play on the television show Gossip Girl, and she is your cyber best friend giving you all the details of the conference.”

CMA Intern Jordannah Schreiber works with Gabrielle Copperwheat, director of operations on a marketing project.

CMA Intern Jordannah Schreiber works with Gabrielle Copperwheat, director of operations on a marketing project.

The conference emails each had a short video promoting the event, and Schreiber helped to develop the scripts and creative concepts for each one so there was a cohesive feel to the whole campaign between the emails and the videos. “From the exposure of working with another intern on the in-house marketing team, I was able to get a better understanding of the marketing field, and I really enjoy it because of the creativity and teamwork involved,” said Schreiber, of Lawrenceville, who is studying at Hobart and William Smith College in New York.

“It is rewarding starting from scratch, coming up with a concept, executing it and seeing the results from being able to work on a variety of projects,” said Collura, who is double majoring in marketing and advertising and double minoring in psychology and web design at Rider University in Lawrenceville. “I worked with another intern to make videos, email content and subject lines for eBlasts.”

There are plenty of rewarding marketing projects to go around at CMA.

“I completed demographic and psychographic research for a client trying to break into a niche market, helped review and check websites for errors and worked on search engine optimization (SEO) for different headlines and blogs,” said Matuszewski, who is majoring in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing and minoring in interdisciplinary health services at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“The in-depth research I did helped me to learn the researching side of the marketing field and how, if you look hard enough, you can always find the answers that you need,” said Matuszewski. “I learned about reviewing and revising websites and how the smallest changes can make them that much more appealing to their audience. I also learned about SEO and how it can help a particular company get more traffic to its websites. My internship has helped me to become a more in-depth researcher, helped me to look at websites for accuracy rather than just scanning them and to learn how to write good content for search engine optimization.”

As the only public relations intern this semester, Parrett had many opportunities before her.

“I have done everything from compiling a list of companies that have advertised in our newsletters to pitching a client’s event to a celebrity,” said Parrett, who is majoring in public relations, minoring in leadership and social change and business leadership, as well as earning a marketing cognate through a study abroad program with Virginia Tech. “I have written seven blogs, observed CMA’s social media presence and worked on a large press release campaign, which will be sent out to at least eight different sources.”

Learning experiences at CMA don’t end with assignments, but continue under close observation of the team.

“Not only have I gained knowledge from everything CMA has me do, but I have also learned how a marketing company operates,” Collura said. “I see how people work together on projects and making sure their parts are done on time to give the client the end product they desire.”

The benefits of an internship with CMA reach far beyond the actual internship. In addition to learning how to be the best in the field, interns also learn how to communicate the value of marketing and public relations to others.

“I learned that when pitching marketing services to a client, you often have to sell the value of marketing before you get the chance to tell them why and how you do it best,” said Parrett, who observed a prospective client pitch. “My time at CMA has given me the ‘real-world’ experience that is very necessary to moving forward in my education and career.”

CMA is now accepting applications for interns. For more information, click here or email us at info@cmasolutions.com.


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