Six Signs Your Website Needs a Refresh

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Your website is a reflection of your brand. Companies make a mistake when they create a website and then consider it finished. Just as your company evolves, your website needs to keep pace as well. Do you know if your website is ready for a refresh? Here are some signs you should consider an investment in your online presence.

It’s not mobile-friendly

Smartphones, iPads, tablets and other handheld devices are everywhere. We use them to check email, send text messages, and most importantly, to have instant internet access. Instant gratification is possible, thanks to technology. When your customers can’t access your website easily from their devices, they will go elsewhere. Search engines now penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly with lower rankings in search results. Don’t lose business because you’re not optimized for mobile platforms.

It’s not SEO friendly

How high up your website ranks in search results is a result of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines constantly tweak the algorithm that determines website rankings, and businesses need to keep pace to see similar or increasing web traffic. Instead of focusing on keywords, websites that answer users’ questions, i.e. “Where can I buy 14K jewelry in Boston” now receive higher results. Search engines also reward websites that have videos, imagery, alt tags and fresh content.

It’s difficult to navigate

What kind of feedback do your customers and clients have about your website? Do they say it’s organized and easy to use? Or do they say it’s hard to find what they’re looking for, or worse, just plain confusing?

How users experience your website matters, as does how relevant your information is. The easier your site is to navigate and find information, the higher it will rank in search engine results. The more visitors to your site, the better your sales funnel.

It’s not visually appealing

Sure, it’s shallow, but people want websites that are aesthetically pleasing. That means maximizing white space and leveraging strong visual images. People’s first impression of your website will be visual. Even if your content is outstanding, it can be rendered ineffective when coupled with a poor design. Do customers and employees compliment the website or do they offer constructive criticism on how it might look better? If you receive more of the latter suggestions, it may be time for a website refresh. The most appealing websites are generally clean, simple and informative.

It’s not informative

Potential customers visit your website because they seek information. They want to know what your company does, the products or services it sells and how much it costs. Think of your website as a place where people come to find out “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.” If people can find the answers to those questions quickly and easily, you’re on the right track. If not, it may be time for a refresh of your content and packaging.

It no longer projects the image you want for your company

Companies change over time. Make sure your website reflects the image and message that you want it to. The best way to do this is to ask an outsider to review your website and then tell you the words and phrases that come to mind about the company. If the description matches the image the company is trying to portray, that’s fantastic. The feedback needs to reflect the company messaging.

Remember, websites are like a handshake. They are often the first impression a potential customer has about your business. Make sure they’re wowed.

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