Press Kit 101

 In Public Relations

Every company should have a press kit at the ready for when a reporter comes calling. The press kit is an important marketing tool for any company.

A press kit contains factual information and marketing materials for your company. These materials present your company, its mission and vision and current happenings in a simple format for members of the media to use when writing their articles. They are also a great vehicle to deliver story ideas to reporters.

Press kits should contain information about the reason you are handing out the kit (i.e. an event, announcement, etc…) a sheet with historical/biographical information about the company; FAQ’s and images that can be used with the story you are looking for the media to pick up as well as some generic, or “stock” art images.

  • Key components of any press kit include:
  • Your company’s key messages about who they are and what they stand for and how they differ from the competition
  • Bios of key personnel
  • FAQ’s
  • Upcoming events
  • Recent announcements and press releases-no more than three.
  • A digital component, such as a flash drive with a digital version of the kit (for copy and pasting by busy reporters) and art elements.
  • For event-specific kits, bios of speakers, contact information for follow up calls.

Before assembling the press kit, consider the audience and tailor the information to who will be receiving it. If you are sending out a kit for an event your client is having include other items of interest for reporters that are within their scope of coverage. For example, if a bank if having a grand opening, and you are targeting the local paper, this is a great place to put a copy of the press release about their volunteer efforts in their communities.

Press kits should have both printed and digital versions of the contents. Having a digital version makes it easier for reporters to access your information. It also makes life a bit easier for them, as they can cut and paste that great quote from your CEO right into their story and not have to retype it.

For the digital version, try and have a branded item such as a USB drive or CD with your logo on it. Nothing is more irritating to a reporter than looking for information—especially on a deadline—they know they have while looking at a pile of generic memory sticks and CD’s. They do not have a whole lot of time to search all the ones on their desk for your specific one. This could mean a missed opportunity for your company to get some exposure.

In addition to the digital items being branded in the outside, all items in the press kit should be branded as well. This means press releases and info sheets all printed on company stationary and contained in a folder with your company logo on it. A simple folder with a full-color version of your logo on a sticker is fine, the packaging doesn’t have to be fancy, there just has to quality, useful content.

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