How Infographics Can Elevate Your Marketing

 In Digital Marketing

We all have a story to tell and, more importantly, an abundance of knowledge and information to share with customers, prospects and our internal team. Whether you are a firm coaching a client through a complicated process or timeline, an organization looking to convey key benefits and statistics to potential investors, or a company needing to clearly communicate ideas and values to your team, infographics are one of the most efficient tactics to employ in achieving effective and successful communication.

Visual content has quickly become one of the most necessary pieces used in company communications – both internally and externally. With 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain being visual and people now dependent on visual cues more than ever, your overall content marketing strategy relies on impactful and memorable visualizations that transform standard text content.

Infographics are a data-rich visual tool used to simplify complex information, by creating a compelling story. By leveraging strategic graphic design and pulling key data, infographics support the end user in leading them to make a decision, comprehend process and trends, and/or buy into your product or service.

Bridge communication gaps.
Companies are often challenged with the task of communicating highly technical information to its target audiences. Infographics are an effective tactic to include in your communications strategy to transform industry jargon into a digestible message. Let’s say you’re an insurance company looking to convey what a policy covers. At-a-glance, you have the ability to organize a myriad of information in a simple, yet absorbable way. The best part? Once they leave you, they have a higher likelihood of remembering the information and making a decision. When relevant visuals and information are paired, people retain 65 percent of the information three days later, as opposed to only remembering 10 percent if they just heard it.

Stop people in their tracks on social media.
Eye-tracking studies show users pay far greater attention to information-carrying images. Just remember, relevance is key. When content syncs up to the end-user’s needs and wants, that’s when the magic of engagement and conversion starts to happen. When images are relevant, users invest more time in sponging up that information, than they would reading plain text. With your social media advertising strategy also in place, you can effectively target your audience from both a demographic point of view, as well as messaging.

Start ringing in the qualified leads.
Leveraging downloadable content on your website is a highly effective lead generation tool. In conjunction with a pay-per-click campaign, you can target key audiences with specific goals and needs and offer solutions to initiate a conversation between them and your sales team. For example, when using a downloadable infographic for a human resource company you can specifically isolate CEOs and HR directors searching for ways to better streamline their HR department and save money. With the exchange of valuable, memorable, downloadable and data-rich visual for key contact information, suddenly your sales funnel becomes focused and effective in its pitch and strategy.

How the general population consumes content and makes decisions has changed dramatically over the past decade… and it continues to evolve. With the increasing amount of creative and strategic competition in the marketplace, identifying compelling topics and working with professional designers is crucial in generating traction, referral traffic and, ultimately, decision-making that impacts your bottom line.

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